TouchDesigner works well with the world around it. Whether it is other software, protocols, hardware devices, or the web, extensive options for interoperability let you integrate TouchDesigner into any environment.  

Interoperate with Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Substance Designer, Notch, vvvv, OpenFrameworks, Resolume, web apps and others.

Collaborate and integrate TouchDesigner as an element of larger creative pipelines. Create interactive pieces with little or no code using native support for the latest hardware devices like Kinect Azure, Realsense, ZED, Vive, Oculus, laser controllers, LIDAR and multi-touch screens. 

Activate bi-directional communication protocols for video, sensors, devices and data using NDI, OSC, DMX, ArtNet, Dante, TUIO, MQTT, Siphon/Spout, SocketIO, FBX, USD and more.

C++ programmers can create their own operators, visual effects, and integrate external SDK’s. With Nvidia graphic cards, one can also leverage CUDA to make GPU accelerated simulation, particle, physics effects and more. Shading in TouchDesigner uses GLSL shading language. Write your own pixel, vertex, geometry, and compute shaders for both 2D textures and 3D materials. For 099 the default version has been updated to GLSL 3.3. 


  • Interoperate with Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Substance Designer, Notch, vvvv, OpenFrameworks, Resolume, Unity and others. 
  • Camera and depth sensor support from Microsoft Kinect Azure, Intel Realsense, Ouster LIDAR, Stereolabs ZED, and more.
  • Create interactions using little or no code with nodes for devices like Leap Motion, RealSense, ZED, and TUIO hardware. 
  • Communicate via OSC, MIDI, UDP, TCP, LTC, ArtNet, DMX, webSockets, SocketIO, Serial, MQTT and more. 
  • Interact with web servers, web applications, social APIs like Twitter and Instagram over the UDP and TCP protocols. 
  • Render or interact with web pages inside TouchDesigner projects. 
  • Mouse, tablet, or touch-screen inputs allow gestural inputs and multi-person interactions. 
  • Communicate with lighting devices using DMX, ArtNet, or sACN protocols. 
  • Support for AVB, EtherDream and Helios DAC devices for controlling lasers, Sollinger LaserAnimation, and Pangolin Beyond software. 
  • Native tracking support from BlackTrax and OptiTrack tracking systems. 
  • Flexible audio input and output options via ASIO and Dante support. 
  • Integrate TouchDesigner as an element of larger creative pipelines and any workflow.