Application Building

TouchDesigner allows both application engine and user interface to be built in one integrated environment. Create anything from simple functional prototypes right up to complete polished applications.

Most applications require an interface, either technical or user-facing, to control the system. An extensive control panel feature set allows for custom interfaces and logic. Design a front-end UI to have any look or features you want. A full range of interactions are supported such as mouse-based or touch-screen control panels, control of 3D virtual environments, gestural inputs, and multi-person interactions. 

Experimentation and iteration are at the core of TouchDesigner’s design philosophy, making it one of the fastest and most flexible tools for rapid-prototyping. Installation and live shows are often not constructed physically until shortly before show time, but in TouchDesigner you can also build pre-visualizations of the project to experiment creatively and test technical solutions. Confirm things are working and be as prepared as possible before going onsite. 


  • Design modular and re-usable components with your choice of custom parameters. Makes it easy in encapsulate work. 
  • Use sliders, buttons, text fields, containers, 3D objects with full customization of appearance and logic. 
  • New Panel Anchors allow proportional, stretchable control panels to be created easily. 
  • Any component can now be customized with custom parameters. 
  • Use TouchDesigner built-in parameters in your own interfaces with the new Parameter COMP. 
  • Ready-to-use UI gadgets included in the Palette let you build control panels using simply drag-n-drop. 
  • Design a full range of interactions with any number of input and output devices together in one immersive environment.
  • Privacy controls for files and components let you control who can view and access your work.