VFSFile Class

The VFSFile Class describes a virtual file contained within a Virtual File System.
To access a virtual file in any operator's file parameter, use the virtual path as described below in the virtualPath member.


namestr :

Get or set the name of the file. This name can include slashes but should not include leading slashes.

sizeint (Read Only):

Get the size of the file data.

datedatetime (Read Only):

Get the modified date of the file in the form of a datetime Python object.

virtualPathstr (Read Only):

Get the virtual path of the file. Returns a String formatted for fetching the file data from VFS in operators such as the Movie File In TOP. Format is vfs:<path to owner>:<filename>.

originalFilePathstr (Read Only):

Get the original file path on disk. If the VFSFile was created from a bytearray and not a file on disk then this will be empty.

ownerOP (Read Only):

Get the OP owner.

byteArraybytearray :

Get or set the file data as a bytearray.



Destroys the file in VFS referenced by this object.


Exports the file to the specified folder on disk and returns the location.

  • folder - The folder on disk to export the file to.

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