TouchDesigner Curriculumedit

The curriculum's 100 Series: TouchDesigner Fundamentals course includes 69 individual topics grouped into lessons around a specific learning object in TouchDesigner. Each topic includes a written summary, 5-6 minute video, and example file. Completing this course will teach you the foundational concepts you need to effectively learn from more advanced topics and tutorials.

Tip: Create an account and login to track your progress as you complete each lesson.

TouchDesigner Official Youtubeedit

Our TouchDesigner Youtube channel has tutorial playlists from community creators as well as recordings of workshops and presentations from various TouchDesigner events that are not to be missed.

Beginner Tutorialsedit

Community Playlistsedit

In our collection of Community playlists you'll find a great variety of topics from beginner to advanced shared from various creators and educators in our community.

Summit Montreal 2019edit

Videos from our TouchDesigner Summit Montreal in 2019 are grouped into two playlists

  • Workshop Recordings - Join any of the workshops held at the event, topics range from beginner to advanced.
  • Presentation Recordings - Sit back and learn from some some of the best in our community. Here you'll find discussions ranging the whole gamut; creative processes, business strategies, project successes and failure, TouchDesigner methodologies, and more.

First Things to Know about TouchDesigneredit

This tutorial (updated 2016) will quickly show you how to get around the interface and give you an overview of TouchDesigner concepts. It won't tell you WHY you need to know this stuff, it will tell you the fundamentals of WHAT you need to know. You can also read it - the full transcript here.

TouchDesigner Community Tutorialsedit

TouchDesigner Community Tutorials Feed - The tutorials section of our new community feed, an amazing resource growing everyday.

Diving deeperedit

Earlier Workshop Video Seriesedit

These recordings are from 2018 or earlier, as such some things in TouchDesigner have changed, but they still contain great nuggest of wisdom on a variety of topics.

NOTE: Older 088 workshop videos currently being restored after our transition to the new website. (Oct 2019)

Widget Videos Seriesedit

User-Contributed Tutorialsedit

A list of previous user-contributed tutorials from around the interwebs.

allTD - A curated collection of all known (and some unknown) TouchDesigner tutorials from around the interweb in numerous languages - Thanks Jan!

TouchDesigner Beginner Crash Course from Interactive Immersive HQ a great way to get going with Elburz Sorkhabi's 17+ concise videos.

Bileam Tschepe's TouchDesigner Beginner Course - A great series of beginner tutorials for those looking for a complete introduction to TouchDesigner

alphamoonbase YouTube videos - An extensive set of intermediate instructional videos from alphamoonbase.

Matthew Ragan's Make Some Noise Workshop 2017 - A reconstruction of Matthew's Make Some Noise Workshop in April 2017, plus a bonus technique.

Matthew Ragan's TouchDesigner Tutorials - A practical look at using TouchDesigner, over 100 topics.

Ian Shelanskey's TouchDesigner Tutorials - A set of extremely useful tutorials including "Twitter in TouchDesigner".

Dr. Indae Hwang's TouchDesigner Video Exercises - A wide range of animated graphical design approaches and general techniques with .toe file examples.

TouchDesigner Concepts and Python by Jessica Palmer - An easy-to-follow birds' eye view of the ideas and structure of TouchDesigner, and how Python is deeply integrated in TouchDesigner empowering both experienced and new python programmers.

VR Development Environment - Jarrett Smith's Best Practices for VR and TouchDesigner in general.

Scott Pagano Online Course at - (a paid-for course) Learn to create beautiful-looking imagery with an end-to-end production workflow that includes real-time 2D and 3D rendering, importing FBX assets, recording movies, controlling via an iPad and using TouchDesigner in VR (using Jarrett's Smith's VR framework).

Maotik Workflow using TouchDesigner with Ableton - Watch Maotik's workflow while developing visuals alongside Ableton Live. From a Master Class at Projection Week, Norway 2016. Full of useful techniques.

Grady Sain's TouchDesigner OP Tutorials - A resource for technical artists that explains individual operators via videos with detailed transcriptions.

Alex Czetwertynski's Videos - Here are some practical workflows and techniques with TouchDesigner.

Elburz Sorkhabi Sessions - TouchInNYC at Live X, [ video 2]

Josh Michael's TouchDesigner for Absolute Beginners - A glance in.

TouchDesigner Tipsedit

TouchDesigner Tips are short articles that describe how to accomplish common tasks in TouchDesigner.

Basics Tutorialsedit

NOTE: These tutorials are based on TouchDesigner 077 and there are significant differences.

Introduction to the Operatorsedit

The Operator Families.

Operators Overviewedit

Introduction To TOPsedit

Introduction To CHOPsedit

Introduction To SOPsedit

Introduction To DATsedit

Older Resourcesedit

NOTE: These tutorials are based on TouchDesigner 077 and there are significant differences.

Sweet 16 CHOPs - This series of videos gives an overview of the Sweet 16 CHOPs.

The Animation Editor - A brief introduction to the Animation Editor and keyframe animation in TouchDesigner.

Ways to Generate Triggers and Cause Actions - Shows a variety of ways to create event triggers in TouchDesigner. Discusses how to create triggers using CHOPs, control panels, and scripts. Also includes sections on controlling movie playback with timing curves and triggers.

Time Slicing - An in-depth look at CHOP sample ranges and CHOPs most powerful feature, Time Slicing!

Using an iPhone with TouchDesigner - This video show you how to connect an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to TouchDesigner through OSC. The iOS app TouchOSC is used in this tutorial but any OSC-capable application can communicate with TouchDesigner using these techniques.

In 5 Minutes Series - For a true blast from the past, check out this series of classic tutorials from Russ Haines that show you how to make something in TouchDesigner in about 5 minutes.