Pro Support

TouchDesigner Proedit

A TouchDesigner Pro license gets you into Derivative's Pro Support program. Our team is available to help you with any programming, production, or consulting needs you have. Use our years of experience to make your life easier.

Pro Support Benefitsedit

  • Priority support for bugs, Derivative will fix the bug immediately (if there is a solution available).
  • Production assistance and support.
  • New requests and features added to TouchDesigner.
  • Adding SDKs, libraries, and protocols not currently supported in TouchDesigner.
  • Project and file optimizations.
  • Maintain branched builds for your projects
  • Consulting, specification recommendations, direct assistance.

Purchasing Support Hoursedit

Your first TouchDesigner Pro license automatically gives you 6 hours of support in your account.

You can add more support to your account these ways

  • Each additional Pro license adds 6 hours
  • Additional support hours can be purchased in the Store

Making a Support Calledit

When you need to use some of your support hours, please email us at

After receiving your email we can arrange a phone or Skype call if required.

We will evaluate the scope of the work to satisfy your request and confirm a time estimate with you.

Maintain Branched Buildsedit

Derivative will maintain a separate branch of the build you are using for your project. This will let you run a stable build and request fixes or optimizations to that exact build without having to go to the latest build available which will often have numerous bug fixes and changes. This is helpful for projects close to delivery (or already delivered) as there is only the requested fix to test against.

24-hour Reply Timeedit

Derivative will respond to your support request within 24-hours during business hours.

Expiry and Limitationsedit

You must use your support hours within 4 years of purchase.