Every node has an Immune Flag, when on and the node is inside a Clone, it is not affected by any change to the clone master, so you can store extra data in the clone or set a node to be ignored by the cloning process. The Immune flag of Components is tri-state, where one state makes the entire contents of the component immune too.

You can see if a node is Immune by inspecting the Immune Flag.

  • ImmuneFlagOffIcon.png Off
  • ImmuneFlagOnIcon.png On - This node is made immune.

What is kept immune: the parameters, the wiring coming to the inputs of the node, and, if the node is a panel, all its Panel Values like state, u and v. The data of Table DATs and the data of Locked nodes are also kept immune.

WARNING: If you add a new node in a Clone and make the new node's Immune flag On, you may also have to make the Immune flag On of the nodes its output is connected to, since wiring information is held with the inputs of a node.

Immune on Componentsedit

Every component node has an Immune 3-state Flag, also known as Clone Immune Flag.

See Immune Flag and Clone for additional information.

Immune by Pythonedit

See cloneImmune in OP_Class.