Global OP Shortcut

Global Operator Shortcuts help you get to any component from any operator. In large systems you may want to access components that are not a parent of the current operator, but located in arbitrary components. Thus Parent Shortcuts would not work in this case.


You have a component /myProject/mediaManager that you want accessible everywhere.
Set its Global OP Shortcut parameter to MediaManager.
Then from any operator or script, op.MediaManager, will be equivalent to that component: op('/myProject/mediaManager').
A child movie operator movie1 in that component can then be reached anywhere by op.MediaManager.op('movie1').


An error will occur if two components have the same Global OP Shortcut. To handle this, either rename them individually, or name them sequentially.
For example /myProject/Player1 and Player2 may have their shortcut parameters set with the expression: 'Player'+str(me.digits)).
This results in shortcuts Player1 and Player2.

For exact usage and details, see OP Class#Members.
See also: parent() in Td_Module, Parent Shortcut.