Docking a node is a way to reduce clutter in a network by hiding an operator as a small dock icon on another node. This icon is color-coded to indicate the Operator Family of the docked node. Any node can be docked to another node. When a dock pa ent node is moved in the Network Editor, the docked node moves with it as well.

Docking does not affect the nodes' behavior, only the look.

A docked node is often docked to a related node to help with network organization, an example is the Ramp TOP. A new Ramp TOP is created with a docked Table DAT that stores the ramp color information. To view the Table DAT, click on the DAT-colored dock icon attached to the lower-right corner of the Ramp TOP. Click on the icon again to collapse the docked node back down to an icon.

Docking a Nodeedit

A node can be docked two different ways:

  • - Right-clicking on the node to be docked and select Dock to ..., then click on the node you want to dock to.
  • - Using Op.dock and Op.docked in python for the Operator class.
ramp1 with docked node collapsed, ramp2 with docked node exposed