DAT Export

DAT exporting sends numbers, strings or expressions in a table format to a parameter of any operator.

To export data from a DAT, the green Export flag at the bottom of the DAT must be on, AND the DAT must be in a table format with properly named columns. The columns are named:

path parameter value enable

Each row represents one value to be exported to a parameter of another node.

The path and parameter specify the network path to the operator and parameter where the data will be exported to.

The value column contains the data to be exported. It can be a numeric value, string value or expression.

The enable column is optional. When set to '0' the export in that row is disabled, when set to '1' the export is enabled.

The DAT's green Export Flag must be On to enable the export. Once the export is established, a dotted data link will connect the DAT and the operator to indicate a connection.

To disable the export, simply toggle the DAT's export flag off.


For exporting from CHOPs, see also: CHOP Export.